A Simple Fetch Quest...

When the sun rises the party hears a knock on the door. It is the town sheriff, head of the police force and legal authority of the city. He apologizes again for the welcome but insists that it was necessary under the current circumstances. He goes on to explain the Situation in Ransburg.

After hearing what the Sheriff had to say, the adventurers headed over to the Rikard Ranch to complete their task. They received most of the information regarding the ranch from the eldest of the Rikard family Rachael Rikard. The conversation was quickly interrupted by her twin brother Randall Rikard. Over the bickering of the two siblings, the adventurers took their leave in order to save the rogue animals.

Just when they thought they were ready to charge forth. They were approached by Randall concerning the task at hand. He explained that their father might have more information on the ranch and how to find the missing animals. Deciding to speak with the father, Thomas Rikard, first. The group spurred the patriarch to take action and he left at top speed to save his precious animals.

Using the honed tracking skills of the ranger, the adventurers were able to find the path the father took deep into the woods. Most of the group followed that path in an attempt to catch up to the unstable man, however the ranger decided to explore a different path.

The trail of the father led to an abandoned cabin where three animals were found, just not the correct three. Attempting to rescue the animals, the adventurers found the cabin trapped with paralysis gas. With the cleric and Rikard patriarch both lying helpless on the floor, the group faced a massive Chimera.

While the battle to the death ensued, the ranger found a mischievous squirrel guarding a fox den in a hollow tree. Good for him.

Back at the cabin the adventurers fought bravely against the fierce flames of the Chimera. Rikard was burnt to a cinder, but the adventurers were ultimately triumphant over the beast.

They returned with the charred signet ring to the eldest daughter, Rachael. As she broke down in tears over the loss of her father, The adventurers retired for the night.


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