The Adventure Begins

Ransburg Rumble

The party came together in an old tavern near the center of the City of Ransburg. A diverse assortment of characters, the small band moved through the pleasantries and looked for work post haste.

They reached the Sheriff’s Office, center of the legal presence in the town, to find a sign denoting the entrance to the offices in the adjacent alleyway. Though suspicious of the turn of events, they trudged on nonetheless, only to find the obvious trap was indeed a trap.

The road gave way and the adventurers quickly found themselves caged like beasts in a small tunnel beneath the street. The individual cages ran along a small track until they reaches an arena, heavy with the stench of blood.

One by one the adventurers were dropped into the arena to face an endless assortment of mercenaries and thugs. The fighter fought bravely and killed many of the enemies, but as the first to face the endless chain of the arena, he was also the first to fall. As more adventurers were dropped into the arena, they were able to band together and defeat the remaining rounds of foes, until they stood victorious in the center of the ring, atop a podium of stone.

Quickly returned to the city following the time spent in the arena, the adventurers enjoyed a well earned rest at the local inn.


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