A holy paladin championing a god.


Nessaka was born to a poor woman who was raped by an Orc, and was immediately casted out of the family once she was nearly 9 years old and they were no longer able to hide her identity and existence from the world.

Because of that, she is extremely lonely and always has wanted friends.
For a while, she lived in the shadows of the allys in cities and would hop on random caravans to move cities when she could no longer keep her cover.

One day, she was taken in by a military camp and was set to train under the man who took her in; Theramo. He treated her like his own and although she was only 11 when she came into the military, she was trained well into her 20s. Theramo was also a huge believer in the gods, and one day, when she was ready to give up, even in her semi-new military home, Iomedae came to her, and blessed her with the powers of a holy knight. Nessaka prayed nightly and was her loyal servant, and learned the ways of justice. At age 18, she was made officially a paladin, to the dismay of some of her cohorts, hating her for her race. Even though she really only had her ‘father’ and a few friends who would come and go, she was never too lonely knowing that Iomedae was by her side.

Even though she graduated the academy, she stuck by her father’s side until one day, they came to destroy her home with Theramo. She protected him valiantly, but he was desperately hurt. She took him to the capital and begged him to be taken in, and although he was taken in, she couldn’t be with him. She would never see him again, and he would be honored in his service as a veteran, his injuries attributed to war rather than protecting his half-orc daughter. She leaves the capital, sad and downtrodden, but on her father’s advice, starts a new adventure and goes to banish all evil through out the land so maybe she can protect the weak and help the strong.

She has proven herself worth enough to be Iomedae’s champion and has earned herself her own mount, a Pegasus named Jeremiah (Jerry). He’s a proud stallion with gold and orange streaking through his white mane and Iomedae’s symbol blazing on his chest.

The paladin has made friends with the wizard, enough that he bestowed alter self with a polymorphic spell, and she has received her wish of looking like a human.


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