The Mayor’s Mansion was now fully sanctified and it was time to inform the owner of the progress. The Cleric went to visit the noble and reassure him that the house was no longer dangerous.

Though the Cleric was tactful in his negotiations the Nobleman was not interested in returning to the house. His family was horrified after their ordeal and his daughter was horribly maimed. He let the Cleric know that he would return the deed and would rather wash his hands of the whole situation. The Cleric understood and offered his assistance to bless the daughter and treat her wounds the best that he could.

Meanwhile, the Wizard and the Ninja were off to Draughbelor in search of more drugs. The Wizard teleported them outside the city gates into the raging lightning storm, surprisingly they were struck by lightning. They entered the loading docks and searched for the crates of Magic Dust. They found the crates, but the crate they opened had a note which read, “I’m borrowing this.” It appeared they were not alone in the city.

The Wizard left to make noise with some wolves, however the ninja found that he was trapped when the loading docks door was closed remotely. After an unnecessarily long time fumbling around trying to open a door they both knew how to open. A Dwarf announced his presence from on top of the roof.

After some arguing and a dick measuring contest the Wizard teleported the party back to the safe-house in Ransburg. The dwarf was confused and erratic being outside the city for the first time in centuries. The Paladin upon seeing the newcomer, lifted him in the air and asked who he was. The Ninja, on the other hand, stole a bottle of wine from the Cleric’s room and brought it to calm the Dwarf down.

It was at that moment that the Cleric, who was returning to Fenniksburg to heal the Noble’s daughter felt his liquor sense tingling. He turned around immediately and returned with haste.

There were shenanigans and drinking liquor and making piss taste like liquor and then some digging. And then the Cleric woke up two days later with the hangover of his life.

After everything settled down the group decided to venture forth to the Nomadic Enclave in the North. They discovered there that some Nomads lost a fight to reclaim the homeland, and that is where we left our heroes.


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