Tag: The Armory


  • Onward to Draughbelor

    Following some much needed rest and a little shopping, the adventurers set out for a new challenge. They looked North, to the ancient city of [[Draughbelor | Draughbelor]]. The road was long, but not entirely difficult. Days passed by without incident …

  • Back to the Armory

    The Loading Dock was behind them and their entire lives, no matter how short, were in front of them. So they decided to go back into the Armory, the place where dreams come true. Inside the armory they started by exploring deeper into the prison …

  • What Lies Beneath

    The adventurers now had some shiny new weapons and a vault filled with living statues of death. The ninja had regained his senses and named his knew sword pal Thomas. The sword identified himself as the "Sword of Greed", a powerful "ally" who can walk …

  • Armory Map