The Nomads

The Nomads of Bloodmoor are a diverse group, but they can all trace their roots back to on of five nomadic tribes that roamed the tundra to the north of the country.

The Northern Tundra is a harsh land with little growth other than hardy grass. There are large herds of herbivores that roam these plains and graze, with two dominant species. The largest of the two is a six-legged mammal, known as the Garn, that weighs an average of three tons. The beasts move at a slow pace and usually in herds of thirty of forty animals. The second species in a much more agile species of bird called the Yixis. The birds stand at four feet at the shoulder and ave a stocky neck and muscular wings. Their flocks are extremely numerous with thousands of animals packed closely together for warmth.

The Nomadic Tribes developed around following and hunting the herds with two tribes hunting the Garn and three that followed the flock of Yixis. Due to the competition for food the Tribes were consistently fighting, although it was mostly in petty squabbles over territory rather than all out war. Violence was actually quite rare, as the tribes preferred to solve their disputes during an annual gathering/festival where the tribes competed. Competitions ranged from feats of strength like wresting, to more jovial competitions of drinking and ball games.

The people overall were very proud of their culture and their lifestyle. They wore bright colors and shared stories of their hunts late into the night. They were particularly proud of a strong brandy made from the berries found out on the plains. After every hunt they would celebrate for days with drinking and dancing. And though they considered themselves very talented singers dancers and musicians, most find it completely indistinguishable from chaotic drunken revelry.

The Nomads

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